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U.S. Army Field Manuals

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U.S. Army Field Manuals

Army Air Forces Field Manuals:

FM 1-15 Tactics and Techniques of Air Fighting

FM 1-20 Tactics and Techniques of Air Reconnaisance and Observation

FM 1-26 ADefense of Airdromes

FM 1-35 Aerial Photography

FM 1-40 Intelligence Procedure in Aviation Units

FM 1-60 Reviews and Inspections

FM 1-75 Combat Orders

Cavalry Field Manuals:

FM 2-5 Cavalry Drill Regulations, Horse

FM 2-6 Crew Drill Light Armored Car M8

FM 2-7 Cavalry Drill Regulations, Mechanized

FM 2-10 Mechanized Elements

FM 2-30 Cavalry Mechanized Reconnaissance Squadron

Coast Artillery Field Manuals:

FM 4-10 Gunnery

FM 4-15 Seacoast Artillery Fire Control and Position Finding

FM 4-19 Examinations for Gunners

FM 4-20 Firing Preparations, Safety Precautions, Care and Service of Matériel

FM 4-29 Service of Seacoast Searchlight

FM 4-49 Service of the Piece: Seacoast Artillery, 8-Inch Gun, Mark VI, Modification 3A2, on Railway Mount M1A1

FM 4-85 Seacoast Artillery: Sservice of the Piece, 16-Inch Gun and Howitzer

FM 4-111 Antiaircraft Artillery: Position Finding and Control, Antiaircraft Searchlights

FM 4-112 Antiaircraft Artillery: Gunnery, Fire Control, Position Finding, and Horizontal Fire, Antiaircraft Automatic Weapons (Case I Firing)

FM 4-115 Antiaircraft Artillery: Operation of Matériel and Employment of Personnel, Antiaircraft Searchlight Units

FM 4-117 Barrage Balloon: Operation of Matériel and Employment of Personnel

Engineer Field Manuals:

FM 5-5 Engineer Troops

FM 5-20 Camouflage, Basic Principles

FM 5-20A Camoflage of Individuals and Infantry Weapons

FM 5-20B Camouflage of Vehicles

FM -20C Camouflage of Bivouacs, Command Posts, Supply Points, and Medical Installations

FM-20D Camouflage of Field Artillery

Field Artillery Field Manuals:

FM 6-20 Tactical Employment

Infantry Field Manuals:

FM 7-10 Rifle Company, Rifle Regiment

FM 7-15 Heavy Weapons Company, Rifle Regiment

FM 7-20 Infantry Battalion

FM 7-24 Communication in the Infantry Division

FM 7-25 Headquarters Company, Intelligence and Signal Communication, Rifle Regiment

FM 7-30 Supply and Evacuation: The Infantry Regiment; Service Company and Medical Detachment

FM 7-35 Antitank Company, Infantry Regiment and Antitank Platoon, Infantry Battalion

FM 7-37 Cannon Company, Infantry Regiment

FM 7-40 Rifle Regiment

Medical Field Manuals:

FM 8-10 Medical Service of Field Units

FM 8-35 Transportation of the Sick and Wounded

FM 8-50 Bandaging and Splinting

FM 8-55 Reference Data

Ordnance Field Manuals:

FM 9-5 Ordnance Service in the Field

FM 9-6 Ammunition Supply

FM 9-10 Ordnance Field Maintenance

FM 9-25 The Ordnance Company, Depot

Quartermaster Field Manuals:

FM 10-5 Quartermaster Operations

FM 10-10 Quartermaster Service in Theater of Operations

FM 10-35 Quartermaster Truck Companies

Signal Corps Field Manuals:

FM 11-22 Signal Operations in the Corps and Army

FM 11-25 Aircraft Warning Service

Adjutant General Field Manuals:

FM 12-105 Army Postal Service

Armored Force Field Manuals:

FM-17-5 Armored Force Drill

FM-17-10 Tactics and Technique

FM-17-12 Tank Gunnery

FM-17-15 Combat Practice Firing Armored Units

FM-17-20 Employment of Armored Units, Reconnaissance Platoon and Company

FM-17-22 Reconnaissance Battalion

FM-17-25 Assault Gun Section and Platoon

FM-17-27 81mm Mortar Squad

FM-17-30 Tank Platoon

FM-17-33 The Armored Battalion, Light and Medium

Tank Destroyer Field Manuals:

FM-18-5 Tactical Employment Tank Destroyer Unit

FM-18-5B Organization and Tactics of Tank Destroyer Units

FM-18-15 Tank Destroyer Drill and Crew Drill: 3-Inch Gun Motor Carriage M10, 76-mm Gun Motor Carriage T70, 3-Inch Towed Gun (Gun M5 and Carriage M1)

FM-18-20 Tactical Employment of Tank Destroyer Platoon Self-Propelled

FM-18-21 Tank Destroyer Towed Gun Platoon

FM-18-22 Tank Destroyer Reconnaissance Platoon

FM-18-24 Tank Destroyer Pioneeer Platoon

Military Police Field Manuals:

FM-19-5 Military Police

FM-19-10 Military Police in Towns and Cities

FM-19-15 Domestic Disturbances

Basic Field Manuals:

FM-20-15 Tents and Tent Pitching

FM-21-5 Military Training

FM-21-6 List of Publications for Training, Including Training Films and Film Strips

FM-21-10 Military Sanitation

FM-21-11 First Aid for Soldiers

FM 21-20 Physical Training

FM 21-100 Soldier's Handbook

FM 22-5 Infantry Drill Regulations

FM 23-5 U.S. Rifle, Caliber .30, M1

FM 23-6 U.S. Rifle, Caliber .30 M1917 (Enfield)

FM 23-6b U.S. Rifle, Caliber .30 M1917

FM 23-7 U.S. Carbine Caliber .30 M1

FM 24-5 Signal Communication

FM 24-20 Field Wire Systems

FM 25-6 Dog Team Transportation

FM 25-7 Pack Transportation

FM 25-10 Motor Transport

FM 27-5 United States Army and Navy Manual of Military Government and Civil Affairs

FM 27-15 Military Law Domestic Disturbances

FM 28-5 The Band

FM 28-105 The Special Service Company

FM 29-5 Military Police

FM 30-26 Regulations for Correspondents Accompanying U.S. Army Forces in the Field

FM 30-27 Regulations for Civilian Operations Analysts, Scientific Consultants, and Technical Observers Accompanying U.S. Army Forces in the Field

FM 30-30 Military Intelligence Identification of U.S. Government Aircraft

FM 30-34 Military Intelligence Identification of Soviet-Russian Aircraft

FM 30-35 Military Intelligence Identification of German Aircraft

FM 30-38 Military Intelligence Identification of Japanese Aircraft

FM 30-39 Military Intelligence Identification of Italian Aircraft

FM 30-40 Recognition Pictorial Manual on Armored Vehicles

FM 30-41 Military Intelligence Identification of British Armored Vehicles

FM 30-50 Military Intelligence Identification of United States Naval Vessels

FM 30-58 Military Intelligence Identification of Japanese Naval Vessels

FM 31-10 Coast Defense

FM 44-2 Employment of Antiaircraft Artillery Automatic Weapons

FM 44-4 Employment of Antiaircraft Artillery Guns

FM 55-25 Ports (Oversea) Headquarters and Headquarters Companies

FM 55-105 Water Transportation: Oceangoing Vessels

FM 70-10 Mountain Operations

FM 70-15 Operations in Snow and Extreme Cold

FM 72-20 Jungle Warfare

FM 100-5 Field Service Regulations: Operations

FM 100-10 Field Service Regulations: Administration

FM 100-20 Command and Employment of Air Power

FM 101-5 Staff Officers' Field Manual: The Staff and Combat Orders

FM 101-10 Logistical data for Staff Planners


U.S. Army Technical Manuals

TM 5-1088 Plow, Bottom and Disc Towed-Type Four 14-Inch Bottoms Deere Model 7

TM 5-2036 Pump, Centrifugal 1.5 Discharge, 125 G.P.M. 300-Foot Head

TM 9-270 U.S. Rifle, Cal. .30, M1903A4 (Sniper's) Characterisitcs and Operation; and use of Telescopic Sight

TM 9-280 Caliber .22 Rifles, All Types

TM 9-285 Shotguns, All Types

TM 9-305 75-mm Materiel, M1897 and Modifications

TM 9-374 90-MM Gun M3 Mounted in Combat Vehicles

TM 9-306 75-mm Gun M1897A4 Mounted in Combat Vehicles

TM 9-374 90-MM Gun M3 Mounted in Combat Vehicles

TM 9-421 3-inch Seacoast Gun Materiel, 3-1inch (15-pdr.) Gun M1902M1 Mounted on 3-inch (15-pdr.) Barbette Carriage M1902 and 3-inch (15-pdr.) Gun M1903 Mounted on 3-inch (15-pdr.) Barbette Carriage M1903

TM 9-456 12-inch Seacoast Materiel 12-inch Mortar M1890MI Mounted on 12-inch Mortar Carriage M1896MI and M1896MII

TM 9-575 Auxiliary Fire-Control Instruments (Field Glasses, Eyeglasses, Telescopes, and Watches)

TM 9-617 Generating Unit M18

TM 9-618 Generating Unit M7

TM 9-705 Scout Car M3A1

TM 9-705 Scout Cars, M3, M3A1, and 4.2 Mortar Motor carriage, M2

TM 9-707 Basic Half-Track Vehicles (IHC) (Personnel Carrier M5, Car M9A1, Multiple Gun Motor Carriage M14

TM 9-710 Basic Half-Track Vehicles (White, Autocar, and Diamond T)

TM 9-721 Heavy Tanks M6 and M6A1

TM 9-726 Light Tank M3

TM 9-731G 3-Inch Gun Motor Carriage M10A1

TM 9-733 Mine Excavator T5E3

TM 9-740 Armored Car T17

TM 9-741 Medium Armored Car T17E1

TM 9-759 Medium Tank M4A3 8-4-1942

TM 9-759 Tank, Medium M4A3 9-15-1944

TM 9-774 Snow Tractor M7 and 1-Ton Snow Trailer M19

TM 9-782 Tractor, Light, Wheeled Industrial Type (A-C Model B)

TM 9-787A Heavy Tractor M1 (Allis-Chalmers HD-10W)

TM 9-801 Truck 2.5 Ton 6x6 GMC CCKW-352 &353

TM 9-803 1.25 Ton 4x4 Truck (Willys-Overland Model MB and Ford Model GPW

TM 9-808 .75 Ton 4x4 Truck (Dodge)

TM 9-816 4- to 5-Ton 4x4 Tractor Truck (Autocar Model U-7144T)

TM 9-821 2.5 Ton 4 x 2 Truck (Federal)

TM 9-834 Vehicular General Purpose Unit Equipment

TM 9-867 Maintenance and Care of Hand Tools

TM 9-882 7-ton Semitrailer, Panel Cargo (Edwards, Gramm, and Nabors)

TM 9-891 Semitrailer, 6-Ton Payload, 10-Ton Gross, 2-Wheel, Fuel Tank, 2000-Gallon

TM 9-894 11-ton Payload, 15-ton Gross, 2-Wheel (2dt), Van Semitrailer (Omaha Standard Body Corp. Model F16)

TM 9-1305 Gun and Carriage, 75-MM, M1897, All Types, and Special Field Artillery Vehicles

TM 9-1311 75-mm Gun M4 and Airplane Mount M6

TM 9-1326 105-mm Howitzer M3 and Howitzer Carriages M3 and M3A1

TM 9-1527 Ordnance Maintenance Gunner's Quadrants M1 and M1918

TM 9-1575 Ordnance Maintenance Wrist Watches, Pocket Watches, Stop Watches, And Clocks

TM 9-1580 Ordnance Maintenance Battery Commander's Telescope M1915A1

TM 9-1582 Ordnance Maintenance Panoramic Telescope M8

TM 9-1595 Ordnance Maintenance Prismatic Compass, M1918

TM 9-1596 Ordnance Maintenance Compass M2

TM 9-1611 Ordnance Maintenance Field Glass, Type EE

TM 9-1709 Ordnance Maintenance Chassis and Body for Scout Cars M3A1

TM 9-1710 Ordance Maintenance Power Train (Axles, Transmission, and Propeller Shaft) for Half-Track Vehicles

TM 9-1710C Ordnance Maintenance Chassis and Body for Half-Track Vehicles

TM 9-1752 Ordnance Maintenance Auxiliary Generator (Homelite Model HRH-28) for Medium Tanks M3

TM 9-2005, Vol. 3 Ordnance Materiel - General Volume 3 Infantry and Cavalry Accompanying Weapons Field Artillery

TM 12-223 Reception Center Operations

TM 27-255 Military Justice Procedure

TM 30-410 Handbook on German Forces

TM 51-1154 Kettle, Asphalt, 165-Gallon with Motor-Driven Hand Spray Trailer Mounted Littleford Model 84-HD-3 Series P,R,S

TM E9-803 German Volkswagen


Training Manuals



Quantities of Lend-Lease Shipments: A Summary of Important Items Furnished Foreign Governments

by the War Department during World War II

U.S. Radar: Operational Characteristics of Radar Classified by Tactical Application [FTP 217]

Infantry in Battle (The tactics of small units, as illustrated by examples drawn from WWI)

Song and Service Book for Ship and Field: Army and Navy

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U.S. Army Field Manuals Army Air Forces Field Manuals: FM 1-15 Tactics and Techniques of Air Fighting FM 1-20 Tactics and Techniques of Air Reconnaisance and Observation FM 1-26 ADefense of A

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