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国外优秀英雄连MOD(Normandy_44 MOD v3 BETA 0.9 for OF)


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This is a Beta-release!

It is far from beeing done (see readme) but I think it is enough of an improvement to be released, yet.

It was a lot more work than I expected and it was not tested completly.

On the to do list are especially:


-AI improvements (especially Brits)

-Reworking abilities

-Bug fixing

Currently only the vanilla spawning abilities are redone, more will follow.

However, the mod is basically done regarding the artwork and units!

The mods size has more than doubled (no real surprise there are twice as many units). I had some CtD when there were too many units in the game. If this happens to often I have to reduce the overall number of aviable troops.

Basically you only need half the units aviable to beat your enemy. The various units are just needed for diffrent tactics.

I still cannot do any screenshots but I will add new ones soon.

网盘不好找 有好网盘的朋友做个连接好方便大家下载 另外里面新加了很多东西 语言文件里面全是E文 黑猫大有空整理翻译下哈 这个模组可以说是个重量级的模组哦。

下载地址国外连接地址 压缩文件309MB

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