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[模组] 抵抗前线AI MOD(OF Combat AI Mod v2.0) 1/06/08更新


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文件名称: 抵抗前线AI MOD(OF Combat AI Mod v2.0) 1/06/08更新

上传会员: 飞天猪

上传时间: 9 Jan 2008

存放位置: 游戏模组 Game Mods

New Release version 2.0

Changes in v 2.0

All Sides:

Engineer type units breaching charges fixed

When HQ is destroyed AI will now call in reinforcements to repair it

Improved base defense

Improved fortification use and placement (if AI is losing, it will build these with in its base)

Unit speed slowed to 1/2 while being repaired. (Allow engineers to actually have a chance repair it)


All Sides:

Airstikes now have two planes when making strafing or bombing runs

Artillery barrages abilities work for all artillery units

Artillery with smoke capabilities will utilize this to assist units under fire

Off map reinforcements now called in sooner

Limits removed on selected off map units (Pershings, Tigers, ect.)

Units much tougher to kill when garrisioned

NO SPAMMING of off-map units

AI will skip tiers dependent upon the enemy forces it's fighting

AI will deploy units to kill snipers (example, Allies deploying jeeps to hunt them down)

AI will now aggressively attack if it thinks it has a current advantaged

AI will now follow the selection path on command trees (right, left, random as the 3 choices)

AI will now build forward HQs (occasionally)

All early game build orders improved

All units with camouflage capabilities will now utilize it


Gliders now called in correctly

Better placement of mobile HQs

AT guns will now turn to face threats

still working on hull-down for tanks

Bren gun carriers now use repair ability better

rifle grenades now used more effectively


Hummel will now deploy correctly (It would only sit by the HQ and do nothing)

Facing abilities of selected units utilize more efficently

Will call in Panther battle group

AC 221 will now secure resources

upgrade selection improved

Will booby trap buildings and points

Will deploy Air droppable mines


Greyhound will now deploy mines

Halftrack utilized much better

Paratroopers and Airborne AT guns drop point selection improved

Riflemen can upgrade to one Bazooka

Will now build medic station if needed

Bar suppression time increased


Grenade range increased

will now deploy officer (dependent upon certain criteria)

will now deploy golaith

improved upgrading of all bunkers

V1 now utilized more effectively

Overall, all sides play more effectively and are rather balanced. AI does a good job with Artillery.

There are no manpower bonuses other than what was originally programed

A host of other slight improvements

Working on:

Still need to figure out way to capture abandoned team weapons

Still need to fugure out how to deploy obstacles

Requires OF compatible COH

Version 1.0

All sides work. See readme for installation and game notes.

Improve Base defense

Better unit and building build sequence

Riflemen have AT ability

All Engineers can throw breaching charges at vehicles

Plays more aggressively

improved use of mg nest and fortifications

and a host of other tweaks



Squad sizes are same as vanilla ai ( will create another mod that doubles squad sizes)

Better tactics by the AI

AI will do the following

Breach Obstacles

Fight in assigned sectors

Not spam special units

Uses abilities some what intelligently

Some restrictions on units removed (Such as king tiger)

will agressively hunt down snipers early in the game


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