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Happy Anniversary for Corum Online


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Dear valuable player,

Happy Anniversary for Corum Online!!!

We here at Gala-Net are celebrating our One year anniversary for Corum Online! We have noticed it’s been a while since we have seen you in game. Some of you may have been offline, or been busy working hard, but now is a perfect chance to come back to Corum Online! This is the best time for you to come back to celebrate with us. And without our players we wouldn’t be here for our anniversary!

Check out all the new features we have added since we last saw you:

1. Honor Battle

- Test your strength in a unique PvP system where two teams fight for control in an all new arena for prizes and recognition.

2. GM event dungeon

- By popular demand, more GM events than ever before! A dungeon with no negative side effects, all the fun of taking down the hardest and scariest monsters

with the phattest lootz with none of the risk!

3. Match Ladder System

- Match up and Compete with other characters in Ludilos. With weekly champions announced to the whole community! How far can you make it?

4. Master Forging System (advanced enchant system)

- Show off how truly elite you are, if you enchant your gear +6 through +10, you will have a colored Aura around your character. It’s a Glow that only the

strongest of the strong get.

5. Bulletin Board in Ludilos

- Don’t have time to sit around yelling you got a Super upgrade for sale for cheap? Make a posting on the bulletin board and wait for the offers to come in!

6. Guardian Rebirth

- Players can now revive a guardian's soul. Don’t grind for those mats; just bring back your guardian quickly and easily.

7. Brand New Item Shop items

- New items never before offered that give you that extra edge to be the best of the best.

*If you haven't logged in game since Jan 15, you would receive items listed below.

1. Power Overhauler

2. Skill Formatter +0

3. Hair shop ticket

4. Exp x2 60minutes

It is worth 2600 gpotato on cash shop.

Don't miss this opportunity.

We want you to come back and check out the New Corum Online, see how your old friends are doing, and see how much has changed! Your entertainment is waiting! And remember Corum Online is always free to play for life!

Download the latest installation client here: http://corum.gpotato.com/?i=download

We are very looking forward to seeing you again in game very soon.

Best regards,

Corum Online staff

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