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    I'm an American whose lived in several Asian counties,and I can tell you that you gooks are the worst people,the most racist people on earth.Chinese people are so humble and have so much more confidence than you ugly,barbaric dogeating flat faced,ugly 588 layers of makeup wearing gooks.Japanese people are much kinder and open to foreigners than you dog-eating,flat-faced,garlic breathed barbarians.It makes me sick too the way you gooks pronounce foreign languages.Why the fvck can you large-headed gook monkeys can't pronounce the letter "z"? "Z"does not sound like "j"you ugly slitty eyed,other people's regyrgutated food-eating gooks!!!You gooks are so dirty and your country smells like s**t.I used to live in gookland before I came to Japan,and I can tell you it was the worst 2 years of my life.Japan is so much like heaven here.The people here actually brush their teeth,and clean up after themselves..not like in your barbaric country.You guys prononce the number 0 as "jero."It's "zero"you subhuman s**ts.I guess you can't do it because of your **ing 9 foot wide faces.Why do gooks have such large heads,but such small brains?That always puzzled me.


    Gooks are just so chock full of racist,arrogant,jingoistic terminology proclaiming Korea to be some "heavenly kingdom"!You call black people "kamddoongi"You always refer to Americans or Chinese,Vietnamese,Blacks,Europeans,Japanese as "nom"or attaché "seki"to it.Equivalent of saying"bastard"In fact,you always refer to foreigners as some country+seki!How rude and crude your culture is.Purely barbaric.Your people are just animals.You call white people"yang nom"Japanese as"jjokbaree"Chinese as"ddaenom".In Mandarin,Cantonese,Thai,Japanese and Chinese,there is NO DERAGATORY word for you ugly gooks or other country.They just attach the suffix"jin"(Japanese)or"ren"(Chinese) to the country name to indicate"person."That is a sign of refineness and politeness..not your ugly s**t dirty filthy language.Stop feeding bulls**t to everyone else you **ing weak sore insecure cocker spaniel eating gooks!

      Personally,I wish that the US dropped the Atomic bombs on your ugly gookland rather than Japan,and I always wished that China would have sent in all her forces during the Korean Gook War and wiped out all of you s**theads once and for all.Too bad it can't happen anytime soon.I hate you gooks so much,it makes me puke.Get the hell out of LA and take your dog-soup restaurants,your liquor stores,and your laundromats with you.

-_- 古语云: 公道自在人心 -_-

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   我是一位在亚洲很多个国家生活过的美国人,我来告诉你韩国佬是世界上最烂,种族主义最严重的民族.中国人谦虚,而且比起你们这些丑陋,野蛮,平脸,脸上涂了588层化妆品的韩国佬自信得多.日本人比你们这些喜欢吃狗的,平脸的,连呼吸都有大蒜味的野蛮人也要善良和开放很多.更让我受不了的是你们这些韩国佬外语的发音.你们这些韩国大头野猴子为什么 TMD发不出"Z"这个音? "Z"不是念J.你们这些小眼睛的韩国佬只配吃别人的呕吐物.你们这些韩国佬真TM脏,你们国家到处是屎的气味. 我在去日本之前在韩国那个鬼地方呆了2年,我可以告诉你们,这两年是我生命当中最糟糕的2年,日本简直就是天堂,在这里人们实实在在的刷了牙的,还经常做清洁,一点不像你们这个野蛮国家.你们说数字0的时候老是说"jero",是"zero"知道吗?你们这些低等的狗屎.我在想,你们老是发音不清的原因是不是因为你们TMD那张足足有9英尺长的烂脸吧!我搞不懂为什么韩国佬脑袋这么大?而大脑只有那么一丁点?

   韩国佬脑袋都被种族主义,傲慢,固执这些东西塞住了,居然宣称韩国是天堂的国度.你们把黑人叫做" kamddoongi" 在称呼美国人,中国人,越南人,黑人,欧洲人的时候总是要加上 "seki"这个后缀,这在意义上相当于"混蛋"的意思. 你们称呼外国人的时候总是在别人国家名字后面加上seki.你们的文化真TMD 粗俗和卑鄙,是一种纯粹的野蛮行径.你们只是一群动物.你们叫白人yang nom" .称呼日本人"jjokbaree"。称呼中国人ddaenom。普通话,广东话,泰国话,日语,中文当中你永远找不到这样的词汇用来称呼你们这些丑陋的韩国佬。他们只是在国家名字的后面加个后缀"jin"(日语) 或者 ren(中文)来表示对个人的称呼。这样做才是精炼和文明。永远不像你们这种烂狗屁语言。你们这些BT的吃狗的韩国佬,别TM往大家嘴里塞屎了!   


-_- 翻译的人也很强啊... -_-

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