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We are pleased to announce that in anticipation of the high demand for game servers day-1 of the PC Multiplayer BETA, we’ve joined forces with GameServers to provide a fleet of dedicated servers to be standing and at the ready the day-of the PC BETA release!

GameServers will have servers all around the globe for players to enjoy. Everyone should be able to find servers with great pings with the coverage we’ll have!

For anyone else interested in hosting servers, when the BETA is made available to the world to download, you can upload the files to your datacenters and run as many dedicated servers as you’d like. Hosting a CoD:WW server will not be too dissimilar to running a Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare server. Note that for the BETA, the servers will be Windows only. Linux servers will be available for the retail game.

We want to have as smooth of a day-1 kickoff as possible, and we hope that our combined forces will provide just that!

本人翻译:我们很高兴地宣布出于对PC beta首发日服务器的极度需求,我们与GameServers通力合作来提供一系列的可用服务器来为PC beta做准备!

GameServers 会提供全球范围内的服务器供玩家游戏(估计没有中国大陆什么事) 在我们力所能及的范围内所有人都会找到一个ping非常好的服务器!

对于那些喜欢自建服务器的人来说 当beta可以在全球范围内下载时 你就可以将文件上传到你的数据中心然后爱开几个服务器就开几个服务器。架设一个COD:WW服务器跟架设COD4服务器差不多。要注意的是服务器只支持windows,正式版才会支持linux。

我们希望首发日能够顺利地一炮打响 并且我们希望我们的努力能够急人所需。

PS:有高手可以再翻译一下 本人水平有限 不足之处请多见谅

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