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planetmedalofhonor 為大家整理幾個常見的問題~

* 某些EA說沒支援的顯示卡, 依舊可以跑 MoH:A

Problem: The game will stop installing at the Ageia physics driver phase.

遊戲無法安裝Ageia physics 驅動程式?

Fix: Some people have tried reverting to the previous Ageia physics driver and the game has installed fine after that.


Problem: Windows Vista 64-bit officially not supported.

Vista 64位元系統是不是真的無法支援?

Fix: Although it's not supported, many people with this version of Vista are able to install and play the game just fine.

儘管官方說不支援, 但是很多人跑的很順暢

Problem: The game is speeding up and everything is moving very fast.


Fix: If you have AMD, try disabling dual cores and/or download the AMD Dual Core Optimizer. Some have also said that uninstalling the Bioshock hotfix will correct the problem as well. Also, update your PC drivers.

如果你使用AMD雙核心處裡器, 試著關閉其中一個核心看看?

或是安裝AMD 雙核心優化程式

如果你之前有玩過 Bioshock, 移除它的修正檔也是可以

如果還是不行? 那就更新你的所有驅動程式吧..

Problem: The point-of-view is spinning and spiraling out of control.


Fix: This seems to be peripheral-related. Remove any joystick or other USB related device. Try unplugging and replugging in your mouse and keyboard.

移除你的遊戲週邊控制器, 像是手把或是飛行搖桿

Problem: When the demo is unpacked, your PC will reboot.

試玩版無法解壓縮, 電腦即將重開

Fix: When extracting the demo you'll see a path which you can't change. Go to that location after the computer has rebooted (you might have to turn the option "show hidden files/maps" on). "MOH Setup" will be temporarily located in a TEMP folder called "RarSFX." It seems that this bug had somthing to do with the change between WinRAR vs. EA installer. --Thx, Calle.

當試玩版解壓縮的時候, 會顯示解壓縮的資料夾, 記住那個路徑! (通常是 RarSFX)

然後在重新開機後, 到那個資料夾去按 setup.exe 就可以安裝

Problem: During gameplay, screen goes black, audio still playing.

遊戲到一半, 螢幕變黑, 但是音樂還在跑

Fix: Minimize game, check system tray for errors regarding video drivers. If so, go into into nVidia control panel (or ATI equivalent), manage 3d settings, select MOH Airborne, and on multidisplay /mixed-GPU accerelation, set it to single display performance mode.

最小化遊戲, 然後檢查顯示卡出現的錯誤回報, 接著到顯示卡控制台裡, 將3D設定為 MoH, 最後設定為使用單顯示器

Problem: PC will freeze/lock up after a few minutes on Nvidia card users, and/or with dual core processors.

遊戲過沒多久後, 就會停住? (類似當機)

Fix: Download nhancer and disable dual core. This might help those high end machines that are jamming up. Disabling SLI (tickbox) in the nVidia control panel may help some others.

下載 nhancer 調整程式, 並使用單核心 (多核心玩家請停用其他核心)

或停用 SLI 也會有幫助


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