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[补丁] MOHPA V1.10 -> V1.20 全语言版 升级补丁


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文件名称: MOHPA V1.10 -> V1.20 全语言版 升级补丁

上传会员: S-22

上传时间: 2007年08月28日 01:37

最后更新: 2007年09月20日 01:06

存放位置: 游戏补丁 Game Patches

官方发布的《荣誉勋章:太平洋之战》全语言版 V1.10 -> V1.20 升级补丁,可以把英文导演版、英文版、繁体中文版在内的所有语言版本的游戏从 V1.10 升级到 V1.20 。如果是新安装的游戏,那么请直接安装 V1.00 -> V1.20 升级补丁,点击这里

注意:大陆地区《荣誉勋章:太平洋之战》简体中文版发行的起始版本是 V1.20 ,不需要安装升级补丁。


荣誉勋章第一个 PC 版本 Medal of Honor: Allied Assault (大陆译作《荣誉勋章:联合袭击》;港台译作《荣誉勋章:反攻诺曼第》),它共有两部资料片。第一部是 Spearhead (大陆译作《奇袭先锋》;港台译作《诺曼第大空降》;第二部是 Breakthrough (大陆译作《突破防线》;港台译作《突出重围》),需要注意的是两部资料片都需要先安装《联合袭击》,但两部资料片之间没有依存关系。

荣誉勋章第二个 PC 版本 Medal of Honor: Pacific Assault (大陆译作《荣誉勋章:太平洋之战》;港台译作《荣誉勋章:太平洋战役》),无资料片。


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MOHPA 最高版本 V1.20 。下载中心有免光盘补丁。



V1.20 修正内容:

- Patch 2 contains all fixes from all previous patches including Patch 1.

- Numerous single player levels have been modified to improve product polish.

- Various crash exploits have been repaired.

- Server passwords now work as intended.

- Players with negative bonus points can now join stat-tracked servers.

- Retaining class when transitioning no longer allows bypassing of class restrictions.

- An Ammo Tech Weapons exploit has been fixed.

- Player can no longer use blocked weapons.

- After voting for map change, map rotations now function correctly.

- Muted Spectators can no longer chat with teammates.

- Player Deaths now clear after transition.

- Team wins no longer carry over after relaunching from shell.

- Bashing is now allowed from all bolt action rifles when rechambering.

- Red exploding barrels now injure players.

- Blur FX no longer remains after dismounting turret.

- Holstering your weapon now makes you run faster.

- Players no longer respawn looking at the ground.

- There is now a dot at the center of the dynamic crosshair.

- The crosshair now changes contextually based on your target.

- Dead bodies no longer look propped up and not dead.

- The escape key no longer loses funtionality in game.

- The Welcome Screen Message of the Day allows multiple items to be displayed now.

- Shooting a dead player no longer raises your accuracy.

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