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Xfire 1.80. In-Game "stuck keys" fix


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We have not fixed all of the XIG bugs in 1.80.

But we have fixed the problem where your key bind keys get stuck down (X and S were common ones).

I would recommend a reboot before installing to make sure all Xfire dlls are cleared out.

How to get the fixed build:

1. Download the full installer here:


...and install over your existing Xfire directory.


2. Use the fancy new way...

Open a chat window to anyone.

Type this command in the chat window:


The line will disappear and not go into the chat area. This is expected.

Log off of Xfire and back on.

You will get the fixed 1.80 update.

Check your Xfire Help | About version to verify you updated properly.

Prior to updating:

Version 1.80 Build 27712 (or 27715)

After re-updating:

Version 1.80 Build 27753

Let us know if this fixes the 'stuck keys' issue for you.

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