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Current Patch: CoH 2.300



beta testing(试用版测试)

QA testing(封闭测试)

release imminent(正式发布)

Next Patch: TBA


Past Patches:

CoH 2.201

CoH/OF Patch 2.103 (Hotfix)

CoH/OF 2.102

1.7 DX10 Patch

1.60 (Released May 1, 2007)

1.51 CoH

1.5 CoH (Released February 14th, 2007)

CoH Server Side Patch

水雷正在开发新的2.300补丁 现在测试版处于测试中 正版用户可以参加测试 试用版补丁修改如下:

Company of Heroes Team Automatch Beta

Version 2.300


- 2v2 Automatch enabled.

- 2v2 增加了自动配对

- Added a number of missing tooltips and information popups.

- 增加了一些弹出消息和信息条

- Re-factored competition logic for ranks and results.

- 新的衡量因素来决定战斗的胜利方和晋级制度,比如被T后,不一定就认为是输家

- Fixed some bugs where whispers were not being sent properly.

- 修正了一些没有正确发送悄悄话后出现的bug

- Leaderboard search is now not case sensitive.

- Leaderboard search不用区分大小写了

- Fixed a number of crashes.

- 修正了一些 crashes(不知道crashes在官网代表什么...)


- Panzerschreck projectile scatter tuned to closer match that of US bazooka. This will reduce number of accidental hits on enemy vehicles.

- 修改坦克杀手(德方步兵使用的火箭筒)弹药散布以协调美军的巴祖卡火箭筒,这样会减少偶然击中敌方装甲的机会

- Stuka zu Fuss rocket damage modifiers have been tuned vs British infantry. Damage modifier reduced from 1.0 to 0.4

- 行走斯图卡火箭弹对英军步兵的伤害减少 从1.0减少至0.4

- A new mine-drop ability was added to the Panzer Elite Munition halftrack and the Goliath Drop was moved to the Funkwagen 'Vampire' Halftrack.

- PE的弹药半履带车增加了一个埋地雷的技能,而歌利亚遥控坦克现在给了方克维根吸血鬼型半履带车

- Panzer Elite AT halftrack Treadbreaker ability had its range increassed from 32 to 36

- PE的反坦克半履带车的摧毁履带技能射程从32增加到了36

- Commando Infantry reinforce cost increased from 25 to 35

- 英军空降突击队步兵补充从25人力增加到35人力

- British Gliders are restricted to landing in friendly territory regardless of whether the location is in the FOW.

- 英军的滑翔机现在只能降落在友方区域内,无论是否有战争之雾的掩盖

- Allied Snipers don't get a camouflaged speed modifier until they reach vet 3.

- 美军的狙击手现在要升到第3级才能够减少伪装带来的移动速度限制

- HMGs (i.e. Vickers, Browning, .50 cal,mg42 HMG) increased 1.15 suppression vs tp_infantry_soldier.

- 重型机枪(维克斯 勃朗宁.50 cal MG42重型机枪)对tp_infantry_soldier压制能力增加到1.15

- HMGs have increased suppression area (from 12 to 15m)

- 重型机枪增加了压制区域(从12M增加到了15M)

- US Quad 50 halftrack weapon does more damage and has more accuracy vs pinned targets. Suppression modifier boosted to 1.2

- 美军4连装防空半履带车对已被压制的步兵增加伤害和精度,压制能力增加到1.2

- US Quad 50 hafltrack upgrade reduced from 125 to 100 munition.

- 美军半履带运兵车升级至4连装防空半履带车费用调整至100弹药

- MG42 LMG suppression modifer to tp_infantry and tp_infantry soldier increased from 1.0 to 1.15

- MG42轻机枪(国防军掷弹兵升级)对 tp_infantry和 tp_infantry soldier 的压制能力从1.0调整到1.15

- US P47 Strafing run increased in damage vs tp_infantry_soldier - tuned strafing run and P47 weapons to improve effectiveness against enemy infantry.

- 美军 P-47空中扫射对 tp_infantry_soldier的伤害增加,对敌方步兵效果增加

- Supply Drop reduced in cost from 200mp to 100mp

- 美军空降系的空降补给花费从200人力降低到100人力

- US Ranger Reinforce cost increased to 45mp

- 游骑兵的补充花费增加至45人力

- US Off-map Howitzer delay action set to 3 seconds.

- 美军地图外榴弹炮支援现在需要3秒才能到达(步兵系右路第2个技能)

- Panzer Elite 222 Armoured Car gets 30 health bonus when receiving any first level veterancy.

- PE 222型装甲车升第一级能得到30点额外的生命值

- Added Button vehicle ability to Bren carrier.

- 布伦运兵车(英军1本的小"坦克")增加了一个按钮车辆的技能(字面翻译...实在无法想象出这是个什么技能,所以无法准确表达)

- Panzerfaust damage modifier reduced vs Bren Carrier from 2 to 1.5

- 铁拳对布伦运兵车的伤害从2减少至1.5

- Reduced accuracy of AT weapons and Panzerschreck vs Bren carrier (moving accuracy modifier set to .5)

- 减少了坦克杀手对布伦运兵车的精度(移动中的精度调整至.5)

- Kettenkrad set to use a different turn plan with modified rotation rates to to help it from being blocked by micro-managed jeeps.

- PE 的半履带摩托现在能用一种不同的转向方式,从而不会被美军JEEP卡位摧毁(个人理解,非字面翻译)

- Axis Inspired Assault cooldown weapon modifier changed from .2 to .6 to fix sniper issues.

- 轴心国Inspired Assault 武器冷却时间从.2调整至.6适应狙击手(个人理解)

- Bren Carrier percent unload on death changed from .5 to .75 so more garrisoned units will survive destruction of the carrier.

- 布伦运兵车被摧毁时更多运载的步兵能存活下来了(个人理解,非字面翻译)

- Tuned some on priorities Ostwind weapon to reduce its chances of shooting at tanks over emplacements.

- 调整了东风防空装甲车的武器优先级以减少越过工事对坦克开火的几率

- Axis medical kits can be used inside garrisonable structures or vehicles.

- 国防军医疗包现在能在进驻的建筑或者车辆中使用了。

- Removed phantom Vet 2 and Vet 3 upgrades on Jagdpanther and Hetzer.

- 移除了2级,3级猎豹和追猎者的幻影(应该指的就是前段时间盛传的那个车顶机枪的BUG吧)

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